Sara Quist

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Hi, and thanks for stopping by my site!  

A little bit about my products and services:


I have been practicing wire-wrapping for about 8 years now and love the creativity that stems from starting with a beautiful gemstone and then seeing where my fingers take me.  

All my materials are selected for their beauty and quality.  I work primarily in sterling silver, 14K gold-fill, and copper wire.  Each of these metals has stunning luster and colour tones which offset and compliment the beauty of the central gemstones and accent crystals that I select for each project.  Each piece I create has a unique story and inspiration behind it that helps to fuel my creative process.

Chair Massage

I have been providing friends and family with back massage since I was a small child and realized how rewarding it is to help heal people with my hands.  In 2006 I trained with an Ontario based chair massage company that was a pioneer in the field of portable relaxation massage.  Since then I have been using my skills to relax people in a wide variety of venues: offices, conferences, homes, and outdoor festivals.  I take great pride in helping people to feel better in their day-to-day lives and hope that you will choose me as your chair massage provider.


For over 34 years music has been in my blood.  I began playing piano and singing while I was very young and progressed onto harp and singing as an adult.  I received my Bachelor of Music degree from UBC in 2005.  In my long career as a musician I toured Europe, Britain, and North America.  I have had the honour to perform for luminaries such as Queen Elizabeth II, the Dalai Lama, and Bishop Desmond Tutu.  Although I am no longer pursuing an active career as a musician I still love to share my music and join my voice in song whenever I can.